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At our PADI scuba diving centre, we offer a wide range of PADI scuba diving courses in Cyprus. Moreover, you will receive excellent customer service from our PADI professionals tailor made to your needs and level. As a result, this makes our diving school the ideal choice for families, couples, small groups and solo divers here in sunny Cyprus. 


We will provide you with excellent equipment whether it is for a pool try dive, PADI technical course or a long technical dive using multiple cylinders. In addition to this, you will of course have clean, air-conditioned transport with a pick up service to whisk you away to the Cypriot dive sites such as the world famous Zenobia wreck.


What makes us stand out is that at DIVERS FIRST scuba diving centre you will receive the personal touch and attention that you require in following your diving dreams. So, join us at DIVERS FIRST for a lifetime experience.

If you have any questions, please contact us at DIVERS FIRST.

Our Partners

Zenobia - Larnaca

Zenobia - Larnaca

Depth ranges from 16 - 42 meters. One of the top ten wreck dives in the world!
Zenobia - Larnaca

We provide tours and training around one of the world’s most renowned wrecks ‘Zenobia’, which is situated about 15 minutes by boat from the Larnaca marina. 

Divers of different levels and abilities can explore this fantastic wreck as its depth ranges from 16 to 42 meters.

 The Zenobia wreck rests on her port side and is an astonishing 178 metres long! What adds to its uniqueness is that its contents have never been salvaged so divers can visit locations like the cargo decks (where a great number of lorries with their cargo can be found), the accommodation sections and the restaurant, among many others. 

Come and experience first-hand this astonishing wreck, which is rated as one of the top ten wreck dives in the world! 

Musan Museum - Ayia Napa

Musan Museum - Ayia Napa

At only 6 - 12 meters deep, experience the delight of the submarine figurative sculptures
Musan Museum - Ayia Napa

Once certified as an open water diver, you can explore the MUSAN MUSEUM, an amazing underwater attraction, which is one of a kind worldwide. 

At only 6 – 12 metres deep, you can experience the delight of the submarine figurative sculptures placed amongst sculpted organic trees and subterranean plants. 

This culminates to a spectacular interaction with shapes and lights as you dive the 170-metre route, which usually takes up to an hour. This underwater gallery is the world’s first of its kind so make this a goal if you are new to scuba diving.

Konnos Point

Konnos Point

Suitable for all divers, depth up to 40 meters and beyond for technical divers.
Konnos Point

One of the most popular and beautiful sites around the Cape Grekko area. Suitable for all divers, depth up to 40 meters and beyond for technical divers. 

Clifftop parking, careful access down a path. Rock entry via back roll or giant stride. The underwater area is mostly rocks, with sand and some sea grass. 

Dramatic sheer cliff landscape. Marine life includes a variety of sponges, squid, pufferfish, wrasse, bream, blue-spotted cornetfish, lionfish, barracuda, octopus, turtles, moray eels and nudibranchs. Occasional rays, jacks, weever fish, rabbit-fish and triggerfish.