New horizons DIVERS FIRST

New horizons DIVERS FIRST

With the Winter period coming to an end and the disruption of COVID also settling down, it’s deeply saddening to see the events in eastern Europe. Although having been an ex-para myself, I cannot imagine the devastation to the families, citizens and servicemen/women involved. I am hoping it all de-escalates as quickly and safely as possible and new horizons appear for all.


DIVERS FIRST opened up in September 2021 and we have been busy getting top quality stock in for our customers to use. Because it has been a bit chilly, customers have been mostly trying it out in Ginger swimming pool in Latsia where it is heated and feels like diving in a bath. This has been really useful for regulars who are new to scuba to get their confidence in the water and then progress to the open sea when it warms up a bit. I am particularly excited to see how our customers get on with our wing and jacket BCD’S in the open water.


The DIVERS FIRST wagon has been modified slightly so when we have to go over rough tracks to get to dive spots our customers are not shaken or stirred before the dive. Before Christmas, we applied to take divers to the Musan Underwater Museum which gives Cyprus Dive Centres an extra string to their bow so it is good news for all.

Clean and air conditioned transport

DIVERS FIRST truck to get you there and back again.

The support from locals and overseas divers has been overwhelming and a pleasure to give them a quality experience.


In the next couple of months, we are looking to get more equipment for our technical customers to add to our twinset, Long hose’s and decompression cylinders as well as wings and harnesses. Also, we are investing in resuscitation dolls to improve the First response resuscitation experience on courses.

So all’s well at DIVERS FIRST and working hard to give you the best diving experience here in Cyprus. Looking forward to diving with you in the coming season.