Technical diving


Once you have gained a good level of experience with recreational diving, some of you will still want more…….. The world of technical diving will dramatically extend your dive times and allow you to go beyond recreational depth limits depending on how far you wish to go on this particular type of diving. Typically, technical diving requires additional skills that will include more complex dive planning and more specialised equipment such as dive computers that allow multi nitrox gases. Here at Divers First, we can start your journey on the technical route with the PADI Tech 40 course and continue through PADI Tech 45 to PADI Tech 50 where decompression skills become more exacting.

As well as conducting technical courses for the already qualified, we can guide you to the eerie depths of cyclops and of course the world-famous Zenobia wreck. There are 10 different technical dive routes on and around the Zenobia including ships’ accommodation, props, upper and middle car decks, ships canteen, chain locker, engine room and many other Zenobia delights.

Of course, if you wish to polish those skills in a shallower environment, there are plenty of dive sites as well as Trimix guided dives.

We have Apex and XDEEP technical harnesses and a range of Shearwater products as well as all the additional equipment you need to make the dive safe and rewarding.

For the full list of PADI recreational courses, visit the following link:

PADI Technical diving flow chart